Transform your citizen experience with digital government services

Simple, accessible communications can make a world of difference in your customer experience! They can improve information exchange, develop community engagement, and above all, increase their satisfaction!

And you don’t need a catalog of solutions for it! Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™, cloud Communications Platform as a service (CPaaS) can help!

See how Rainbow CPaaS and artificial intelligence can
enhance a city mobile app and administrative services

How can Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ help:

Turn your website into a communications hub

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solution brief

See its public notification capabilities

Break silos and enhance collaboration

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See how you can create a collaboration culture

Secure and protect private or mission-critical data

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What is CPaaS?

CPaaS is a cloud computing technology that allows you to integrate real-time communications into your existing city applications without complex engineering.

CPaaS technology allows you to connect everything: your citizens, employees, objects and processes and offer simple and effective eServices for citizens and tourists.

Why Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow CPaaS?

Rainbow CPaaS is based on a hybrid cloud architecture, meaning you can easily connect your existing communication system to the cloud to minimize transformation costs.

You keep and connect to the cloud your existing communications system for faster transformation
You adapt your current customer relationship strategy for the digital age
Your employees connect to your customers using their preferred way: office phone, mobile handset, smartphone, softphone
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