Create the foundation for healthcare continuity in the current health crisis with efficient and secure remote communications

Engaging with the global community of healthcare professionals and coordinating hospital clinical staff with primary care and other caregivers is essential to containing the spread of any pandemic and safeguarding the population. Mission-critical communications and collaboration technologies will help you maintain healthcare continuity.

How can we help your caregivers stay connected?

An immediate solution is to deploy plug-and-play platforms that facilitate remote communication, teamwork and video collaboration. By using secure connectivity over your network, your patients and caregivers benefit from tele-expertise, tele-assistance and tele-working.

Improving operational continuity today is also an essential long-term goal.

Quickly setup connectivity in a temporary hospital or triage center on your hospital campus, or a remote site

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Create efficient collaboration spaces and organize multidisciplinary conferences

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Securely access your office tools, information and files from anywhere

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